Excursions in the Spessart Hills

Hotel Heppe von oben

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Excursions in the Spessart Hills

On Foot:

  • European Cultural Route “Alter Schulweg”: The signed route makes up the southern loop of the “Zwischen Scharstein und Geishöhe” Cultural Route. You will find out many interesting facts about the Spessart Hills and surrounding area on your walk. Traditionally, this was the route taken by the children of the Geishöhe (sometimes spelt “Geißhöhe”) to go to school. Cultural Route Project
  • The Geishöhe: This is the highest inhabited area in the Spessart Hills. The Geishöhe itself is a hamlet near the village of Dammbach. A handful of people live there and there are a few places offering refreshments. You will also find an observation tower there; the Ludwig-Keller-Turm. In good weather you can see as far as Frankfurt. Distance: 30-45 minutes on foot, 10 minutes by car
  • Wildensee: Wildensee is a small, dreamy village surrounded by lush pastures. There are a few places offering refreshments and also a water treading pool. Distance: 30-45 minutes on foot.
  • The Spessarträuberland circular route starts at the hotel.
  • The hotel is also close to the Eselsweg!

Circular walking routes around the hotel:

  • 1. Approx. 6km walk/li>

Wald-Hotel Heppe to Oberwintersbach (Geishöhe)

  • 2. Approx. 15km walk

Wald-Hotel Heppe to Geishöhe (red “-” signs) – Ruine Wildenstein – Sommerberg.
The trail goes on to the Unteraulenbach Trail (Unteraulenbach Wanderweg – red triangle signs), which leads past Schloß Oberaulenbach to Geishöhe (red “X” signs) and back to the Heppe.

  • 3. Approx. 15 km walk

Start at Heppe Wanderweg (red triangle signs) to the Hundsrückhof. The trail leads on to the Altenbuch Wanderweg (red triangle signs), which goes on to Wildensee and back to the Heppe.

  • 4. Approx. 13 km walk

Start at Heimbuchenthal (Kapellenweg) – Footpath to the Kapellenberg – Footpath (Fußweg) No.3 to Volkersbrunn – Follow the Wanderweg (red “+” signs) to the Hohe Wart (car park) – Continue following the red “+” signs to Hessenthal – Follow the footpath through the Elsavatal back to Heimbuchenthal. Drive back to the hotel or take bus No. 40 to the “Hochspessart” stop in Dammbach.

  • 5.Spessarträuberland circle Approx.   17 km walk

Circular route: Heppe – Oberschnorrhof – Hundsrück – Geishöhe

With new signage: Räuberkopf

The Neue Spessartweg 2 trail is about 400m from the hotel.

It leads from the Alter Schulweg Trail on the Geishöhe past the hotel in the direction of Wildensee/Hundsrück. The trail starts in Heigenbrücken and ends in Stadtprozelten.

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